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Men. SA is the manufacturer of the glasses and the trademark owner Ekomon-Ekoworld. With over 40 years in the plastics market is the company with more variety of reusable glasses of Spain.

It pioneered the manufacture of organic glass and in 1998.

Our experience allows us to be at the forefront when it comes to processes, machinery and technological developments are concerned.
In Men. SA have the capacity to house more than 500,000 cups of stock allowing us access to major events.

Manufacturing injection: The polypropylene homopolymer, its characteristics and low price within the world of plastics has been considered the ideal material to manufacture our glasses. Supplied in semi-transparent little balls called pellets. On the same machine is attached dye masterbatch or desired for each order. All this is done automatically. This mixture of materials is introduced into the spindle, reaching a temperature around 200 ° C (depending on the dye and the piece that temperature varies). This temperature can melt the plastic and mix evenly with the masterbatch.
This paste-like magma from a volcano is injected, (hence the name of the process) in a hardened steel mold where it acquires the shape of the desired product. The mold is continuously cooled by a water circuit by consolidating material that solidifies the piece. Once formed mold is opened and the part is ejected.

Circular Screen printing: Our vases are printed by the circular screen printing system, allowing it to put the picture around the glass, except 1.5 cm from the beginning to the end and on the top and bottom of the glass. We can screen print in any color, and up to 4 colors, although it is important to clarify that the definition of screen printing on plastic substrate is well below that of paper, so the logos and images must have a clear line little thin

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