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System operation

Operation is simple, it is a deposit charge to the user to force the vessel to take him back or take him home, but in no event dispose of it. (waste reduction).
Usually charged 1 euro.

There are several deposit collection system:
In the same bar where the drink is served.
Enabling a bar exclusively dedicated to the supply vessel. In cases where payment is effected in a bar but the vessels are in another, we make available tokke currencies to avoid the generation of waste paper.

In any case where a user wants a second drink, the exchange is done in the same bar, handing the dirty glass in exchange for the drink served in a clean one.
This, in addition to meeting a minimum standard of hygiene, enables the bartender to serve without delay. In many events the demand for drinking is done at specific times, intermediate, breaks etc ... leading to long queues and sometimes loss of sales, then recommend that the glasses Barman has already served beer, which require only a last fill, avoiding the queues and menosventa.

The vessels may leave washing in the course of the party. In Ekoworld have Ekomon-washer for rent.
After the event, it may happen that the user takes the glass, in which case the deposit will be the organizer, or coming back for their deposit to recover the vessel which case, then reducing waste generation.
From Ekomon-Ekoworld bring you all the support you need to mount your event.

  Sale of glasses
This system is best used for small and medium sized events, the organizer is responsible for managing the entire process. Example 10,000 vessels

  Rent-Sale of glasses
The organizer may rent all generic Ekomon glasses, or buy part with its customization and the rest rented. Upon completion of the event organizer and return the remaining vessels will pay € 0.7 per glass lost. Example: 7,000 rented Ekomon and 3000 logo with custom logo.

Ekomon-Ekoworld is responsible for the entire vascular system, enabling staff to the organizer does not have to worry about anything. Request more information on contact, is performed only on mass events.

Some of our big Clients who trust us:

CVerdep  Championchip`Conde Godó
CVerdep  Forum from the cultures in Barcelona



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