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Flecha  The Problem

As you know, after a massive party in which disposable glasses are used the waste you find the next day is impressive. In Europe we have the habit of using one glass for each drink, regardless of the environmental cost, production, transportation, sorting of garbage and so ... in any case the mentality of the citizen is "... Council services will come and clean it up "


Flecha  The Solution

To avoid this waste we provide the user the ekocup in exchange for 1 eur. deposit. The glass is exchanged for a clean glass for each new drink served. While glasses are being washed with a professional dishwasher. Upon completion of the event the user can go to the bar and get the euro back in exchange for returning the cup, or take it as a souvenir of the event.

Flecha  Benefits

Ecological: The UAB, The University Autonoma of Barcelona, with what we are doing this 8 years experience, told us the first year of 20,000 glasses surprised that they had collected the day after from the ground 9 units. (Ecological benefit by avoiding waste generation) Studies have shown that the use of reusable cups is 25 times greener than the single use and 20 times greener than using Biodegradable cups.

Economic: Our experience in various events (we were the glass makers of the Barcelona Forum 2004) confirms that between 50% and 80% of users choose to take the cup as a souvenir. As there is significant economic benefit. For a party of 10,000 vessels, the benefit can be about the 5,600 euros * besides savings in garbage collection.

Communication: The glass can be screen printed, making it a perfect media to raise public awareness. An attractive design increases the % of glasses that people take.

Civic: We found that the absence of glasses on the floor at mass events, conscientious people to act more civic increasing the use of litter bins for other waste.

Flecha  Variety

In Ekomon we have 8 different models of glasses to decide the model and size that fits best for your party. We produce glasses from 25 ml up to 900 ml Katxi.

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